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John Reed - Cumbria
« on: 03.06. 2019 15:14 »
Firstly, I should say that I have absolutely no connection with John at all (other than the fact that he built my engine). But I really cannot praise his work highly enough. I have now put about 500 miles on my Shooting Star since the rebuild and it is fair to say that not only have I never heard my bike sounding this good... I have never heard any A series bike sounding this good! She starts first kick, ticks over beautifully, pumps oil really well and runs like a dream. The sheer amount of work which John put into my engine far exceeded the very reasonable price which he charged. And the fact that he also ensured that once it was back in the bike, everything was working and she was running perfectly, really is the mark of someone who is passionate about these machines.

John builds engines (and wheels) for customers in order to fund his own obsession with racing classic Hondas. If you are wanting an engine rebuild and are looking for quality alternatives to SRM, I really cannot recommend him highly enough.
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