Author Topic: Triumph tiger cub (sorry)  (Read 3195 times)

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Triumph tiger cub (sorry)
« on: 30.04. 2009 21:08 »
if you want to swear at me its ok !!!
Im trying to find a recognition guide for tiger cubs as i fancy restoring one with my son
I know they are 175 or 200 cc (t15/t20) the there are t for trials and s for sports models
does anyone know where i can download a recognition guide ? ;)

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Re: Triumph tiger cub (sorry)
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Re: Triumph tiger cub (sorry)
« Reply #2 on: 07.05. 2009 18:53 »
The tiger cub is a nice little bike but they have a reputation for being a weak engine not in performance but reliability and are notorius for oil leaks especially from the pushrod tubes. I know because I had one many years ago when I had hair on my head.
I found the BSA C15 to be a stronger engine and although they do leak oil sometimes not as bad as the tiger cub.
I can only suggest you try the  Tiger Cub club


Phone/fax 01790 753015

Write to:
The Triumph Tiger Cub Owners' & Enthusiasts' Association
Mike Powell
St Michaels Lodge
Mavis Enderby
PE23 4ED

hope this is of some use