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The 'other' board, please read.


Open for business. Will move previous 'other' bike related posts over to this board.

Feel free to post here if you need help with other bikes in your posession, or want to share anything interesting related to machinery on 2 wheels.

G'day e.
My you have been busy. Is this the Spring clean?
At first I thought I missed 30 odd topics in the wrong spot.
Good idea thought.

Yes, a relaxing spring clean (...compared to working cutting 1 meter high grass and plants on my quite large property in France), had a look at 18.000 topic titles, and did some moving around, + deleted a bunch of non-informative \ dead topics (like outdated ebay links and such).

Hoping the "Other bikes" board will be of use to members, and no more need for the "Sorry, not A10" or "Excuse, not BSA" that appear sometimes in posts :O)

This new area is a great idea, thank you.


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