Author Topic: Ignorance : PHOTO ADDED Why A10/A7 engines have no breather pipe?  (Read 1822 times)

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I cited the engine tech article as it proves a point, and while the main point was comparing a wet sump vs a dry sump system it indirectly proves my point about drawing a negative pressure (VACUUM) and how that aids ring seal and performance.  It shows as well, that inadequate breathing is rather counter productive both from a performance perspective as well as oil leakage.

While it should be obvious,, the engine in that Dyno testing I linked to is a LS based auto engine and the performance specs clearly in scale are impressive but you wouldnt see those numbers on a 500 or 650cc engine, but scaled to application, you WOULD see results. 

2 schools of thought always seem to endure. 

A) Pipe smoking tweed jacket types who insist 1940s and 50s technology is the top of the game and no reason to change.  AKA Factory knows best.

B) Those who enjoy optimizing old technology while enjoying the character of these old steeds.

Neither are really wrong, Horses for courses,, but at least acknowledge they exist. *smile*

C) Pipe smoking tweed jacket types who accept 1940s and 50s technology and see no reason to change it. Maybe add an oil filter....and an electronic voltage regululator...and LED bulbs.
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