Author Topic: Chirping Crickets Album  (Read 474 times)

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Re: Chirping Crickets Album
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Quote from: RoyC
That was a very nice Bonneville he had as well.
Don’t have the exact details at hand but there’s this story about them entering a Harley Davidson dealer with their pockets full of cash to buy themselves a motorcycle each. But the dealer thought these young punks where mocking him so he threw them out. By chance there was a British motorcycle dealer across the street so they went in. They where received with open arms and they bought themselves some Triumphs and an Ariel.
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Re: Chirping Crickets Album
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 I read a couple of years ago that Buddy's Ariel was sold for a massive sum from Waylon Jennings estate...Waylon was to be on the same flight but gave up his seat for so done more in need
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Re: Chirping Crickets Album
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I'm still watching the two Roy Orbison programs that followed the Crickets.
BRILLIANT.    *smile* *smile* *smile*
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Re: Chirping Crickets Album
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Buddy Holly died (3 Feb) a few minutes after my 15th birthday (2 Feb).  So sad.

Elvis died the day before my 17th - I guess I'm the kid here. First album I bought was Roadhawks by Hawkwind.
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