Author Topic: Oil suddenly coming out of breather  (Read 301 times)

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Oil suddenly coming out of breather
« on: 19.08. 2019 18:07 »
This is an explanation of a problem and how it was solved by looking at various threads on this forum.

I have just finished quite a bit of work on my A7 SS engine top end and new SRM clutch etc. Because of other commitments the bike has been laid up for just over a year. Before I ran it, I drained the sump of the oil.

Took it out for a short ride of about 6 miles, and things seemed ok.

After another few days, started it up for a friend to listen to it and after a short space of time it started smoking like hell. There was then a loud gurgling and a lot of oil dumped on the floor.

Realised it had come out of the breather and started a trawl of this forum. There were several theories, but the one easiest to check was the 'return feed to the tank blocked' theory.

Removing the sump plate showed that the gauze was not blocked, so found the piece of wire to check the ball in the anti syphon thingy. Initially it hardly moved but then all seemed better with more oil coming out. I then got the air gun from my compressor and blew up the pipe. I could hear the air exiting into the oil tank.

So, this is just an explanation of how I fixed a problem thanks to you lads out there.

Keep on with the good suggestions to help us keeping our bikes on the road.


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Re: Oil suddenly coming out of breather
« Reply #1 on: 29.08. 2019 23:26 »
Interesting...I fitted a magnetic-bolt plate a la SRM and  was careful to fit it facing forward ( backwards seemed better to avoid striking things) in case the magnetic plug actually  agnetized the ball vale to be "shut".

So far my breather is have ever had on a Brit.. dry-as-a-bone.