Author Topic: Possible cause for seizing  (Read 1419 times)

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Re: Possible cause for seizing
« Reply #30 on: 19.10. 2019 19:16 »
It took quite a long time to go a step further with my engine...
As you proposed, I had a shaft made to fit the small end properly. The result is quite ok as far as I can tell. The shaft fits smoothly into both small ends and all seems to be straight and parallel.
I will ask at the shop to change the small end bearings. They look not good. Maybe the guy at the shop can do some other checks to be sure...
still a lot of time left until next summer...  *smile*
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Re: Possible cause for seizing
« Reply #31 on: 20.10. 2019 12:34 »
It is possible to change SE bushes in situ, but much better to have the rods off the crank. That's a full engine strip, I'm afraid.
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