Author Topic: Wanted stanchion fork bsa a7  (Read 141 times)

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Wanted stanchion fork bsa a7
« on: 02.11. 2019 10:58 »
Hi....cant some one help me? Want to find Fork tubes bsa a7. Thanks

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Re: Wanted stanchion fork bsa a7
« Reply #1 on: 02.11. 2019 18:04 »
Hi Amri. Just had a look back at your posts. Your A7 had an early rigid frame and a later shortstroke type engine fitted with the later type of wide fin barrel and head. You also had girder forks, and I suppose you now want to change them for the normal telescopic type.

 The internet is probably your best bet. The fork tubes and bushes are available new, from various suppliers, I would imagine that Indian manufactured are easily available for you, but perhaps not of the quality you really need.

 The fork sliders are all the same internal diameter, but vary depending on the wheel spindle and mudguard mountings. Used parts are the usual source, but new original stock is available from time to time. Used parts are the usual source for fork yokes, but new headstock bearings, seals and oilseal holders are easily available.