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Super Flash Clutch
« on: 09.09. 2019 10:13 »
Can someone tell me if a complete Super Flash clutch together with the engine sprocket will fit onto my 1959 A10 swinging arm gearbox/engine?

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Re: Super Flash Clutch
« Reply #1 on: 09.09. 2019 10:23 »
G'day Rob  *welcome*
The g/box mainshaft is different. Splined in the semi unit plunger and taper in the swing arm.
I haven't done it but the splined m/s can be put into the s/a gearbox.

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Re: Super Flash Clutch
« Reply #2 on: 09.09. 2019 19:30 »
If it really is a Super Flash clutch you are a lucky man, even luckier if it comes with the triplex chain and matching crank sprocket. It may fit a S/A bike with the aid of a a new, longer chain and the splined gearbox input shaft from a Plunger box to match the splined centre. The shaft will fit, but chain alignment may be a problem. Bear in mind that with triple teeth, it could actually be a common A65 clutch, with a tapered  centre and built in cush drive, but even if it is genuine Super Flash, leave it for later and get a running bike using standard parts...its not worth the hassle, the clutch for your bike is considered to be almost reasonable when set up correctly.