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Re: Crankcase alinement
« Reply #30 on: 11.03. 2021 00:33 »
It *IS* Very much worth getting it all squared up and certainly do-able. My neighbor is doing so right now on a replica RGS project, He works in Aerospace and owns a significant machine shop, and learned the trade in the UK so is well qualified in the endeavor, although to be fair, He has a shop that is a world class manufacturing facility and makes components that are aviation certified, so a bit of a 10 ton hammer on a 6 penny nail.

Another friend "Sir Edward" also from the UK, (Tool & Die maker, served his apprenticeship at Glacier bearings) was a master at Blue printing and Balancing.  Heres pictures of his Norton Manxman 650 twin, first one in the Western US and the fastest 650 twin on the West coast with the trophies to prove it, and on the cover the AMA magazine in 62 or 63.

What was the secret?  He took it apart, the modifications were minor, He stayed up late at night and actually talked to Paul Dunstall on the phone brainstorming ideas, But on the advice of Dunstall shaved a little off the base circle of the cam, but the rest was very careful Blueprinting.  It was exceptionally fast, and good enough to pull air under the front wheel accellerating out of the corners here at these photos at Westwood BC in early 60s.   Berliner approached him after one of his engines took first at a National AMA race, said he didnt care Eddys engine beat his own race team as long as Norton came in first.

Eddy did a few A65 unit twins for me, and we found significant issues. Eddy indexed off the Drive side main bearing and we found a huge mis-alignment on the cam, and the crank as well, Plus the cylinder deck was crooked as well.

I am working with some locals and going to start offering services in this dept on first my inventory of mismatched and orphan cases, and might expand from there.  Plus my working with the Hydroblast guy so they look nice & purty when done.

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Re: Crankcase alinement
« Reply #31 on: 13.04. 2021 20:07 »
the engineer phoned today, he has done the berger build barrels, I asked him how he bored them because I remember this being discussed, he bores them from the base flange to get correct lining up. the good news is he managed to use the gudgeon pin ground barrels that were on +40 and are now +60,  so something else to put in the spare bedroom until needed *beer*