Author Topic: Oil Again  (Read 760 times)

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Oil Again
« on: 12.08. 2009 00:32 »
I was looking at the 1971 A65 manual out of curiosity to see what the factory was recommending for lubricants.
The A65 is basically an updated A10 engine so the information is relevant.
It can be seen on the attached chart that modern lubricants were in use by that time.
It shoots down the dinosaurs who reckon that our engines should only use monograde oils.
My T65 handbook also recommends the same oils.

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Re: Oil Again
« Reply #1 on: 12.08. 2009 01:05 »
Hi Trev,

Your statement agrees with what my research has found.

For me I dumbed it down quite alot, my criteria were:
*Easy to buy
*Ashless dispersant,and,
*designed for use with air cooled engines.

What I've decided on is Phillips 66, 20W50, it meets all of my dumbed down criteria, can be purchased at just about any light aircraft airport at about $7 per Quart ( 950 odd mls ).

How many owners are operating their primary drive chain case dry / with chain lube or dry lube ?.
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