Author Topic: A10 stopped running  (Read 297 times)

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A10 stopped running
« on: 08.12. 2019 20:29 »
Hello so after I was able to get my a10 to run after 3 years sitting it shut off on me again while riding the bike after few blocks it shut off and I wasn’t able to start it again. The carb jets where cleaned and the points where set before starting the bike so I’m not sure what this problem could be now. Any tips or help? Thanks

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Re: A10 stopped running
« Reply #1 on: 08.12. 2019 20:45 »
Hi Marvic

Could be the magneto condenser or windings breaking down when hot. Have you tried starting it again after it has cooled?

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Re: A10 stopped running
« Reply #2 on: 08.12. 2019 21:05 »
No I haven’t tried to start it yet since I kicked it a few times I thought it might be flooded and I thought that I should let it sit for a day or so before try to start it again 🙁

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Re: A10 stopped running
« Reply #3 on: 08.12. 2019 21:37 »
Hello, if it starts next time you try, and stops after a while (or does not start at all), remove plugs and check for good sparks. If plugs are wet after some kicking, it's a good sign that fuel is getting to the cylinders, no fuel blockage.

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Re: A10 stopped running
« Reply #4 on: 09.12. 2019 09:47 »
Magneto is number one suspect. Try it with the end cover off, in case some electrical fault is grounding the magneto. This isolates a handlebar cut out switch.  Check for a good spark, but also remove the pick ups, make sure the brushes are OK, and move freely. Clean the slip ring (clean rag on a stick, don't put your finger in.....a good mag will give you  shock).

Reliable starting when cold, but a bit of a pig to start and/or mysterious cutting out when hot is typical of a failing condenser. An easy fix these days thanks to a very clever piece of modern technology.

You may be lucky and it is simply a fuel blockage, caused by rust or sediment being disturbed after long time standing. A cheap inline fuel filter is  well  worth having, it's far easier to swap a clogged filter than strip a carb, and a see through one lets you know if fuel is flowing.