Author Topic: Japanese chain on a Bsa  (Read 306 times)

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Japanese chain on a Bsa
« on: 28.12. 2019 16:31 »
Hello Guys.
I bought a 530 heavy duty chain made by rk. The width of my chain is 22.9 mm or .9015" My question is what size of chain properly fits a 57 DB 34 with 3/8 sprockets. A A10 would be the same. I was told to watch that the chain doesn't rub on the chain case. Thanks Jeff in Canada

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Re: Japanese chain on a Bsa
« Reply #1 on: 28.12. 2019 19:14 »
G'day Jeff.
530 is correct. The problem arises with the heavy duty and o ring chains as they are a bit wider. The plates are thicker and the addition of o rings. Standard chain (from a good manufacturer) is quite capable of transmitting the awesome power of an A10.
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Re: Japanese chain on a Bsa
« Reply #2 on: 30.12. 2019 08:14 »
Hi Jeff, All chains are actually the same sizes as the earlier British standard but are now measured in the metric system. I think the measurement you stated must be the outside width of the chain not the inside measurement which would be a tad over 3/8" Insidentaly the same thing applies to the Metric pipe sizes as in water pipe where the sizes are actually British standard pipe but now shown as metric. Just thought I'd add that as a bit of useless information..HAVE A GREAT AND SAFE AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR. Gerry

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Re: Japanese chain on a Bsa
« Reply #3 on: 31.12. 2019 00:37 »
Nothing wrong with good japanese chain. On my race a10 I swapped out to 520 sprockets which are readily available for bsa preunit singles and 520 chain provides more flexibility for chain type so I run a heavy plate.
with a 530 you want a good quality std chain.
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