Author Topic: Super cheap soda blaster  (Read 281 times)

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Super cheap soda blaster
« on: 31.12. 2019 05:05 »
A while back some one asked about my take on the plastic bottle soda blaster
Well here they are :-
1) Air duster I used this type because I bought a box of them cheap a long while ago
2) shot through the bottle showing the hole for the soda to enter through
3) what it looks like assembled note the hot glue either end,
By adding that I get about 100 refills before the bottle gets loose & flops around when being used
4) Out of focus showing the duster passing through the bottle
5) filling with soda.
Because the gun is bent the bottle remains vertical when the gun is blowing down.
The closer you keep the bottle to vertical, the longer it remains firm on the gun.
When you are going to release the trigger you turn it upside down so the bottle points down as the air pressureizes the bottle a little bit in use and if you release with the bottle up the excess pressure venting takes a good amount of soda with it.

Note, not shown is the cap without it of course nothing happens.
Because I still have 10kg of animal feed soda to get through, it does cake up a bit so needs a little tap or a quick release of the trigger to clear the blockage.
Apparently blasting soda is coarser so does not cake up as much but it will be a year or so till I get a bag of it to give it a try.
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