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Re: Superflash
« Reply #15 on: 28.01. 2020 19:39 »
Hi Manxman,
On my frame the verticle tube goes into the lug as normal factory spec. Top and  bottom.

Only photographs will solve what you have ??

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Re: Superflash
« Reply #16 on: 30.01. 2021 16:23 »
Superflash, I've just spotted your post re- the SF-type frame that you have. I don't know if you've found out any more about it but this may help.  I remember that quite a long time ago one of the classic bike magazines (it may even be the now defunct Motorcycle Sport) did an article on the BSA competition department and their Six Day Trials Team. I particularly remember this as one Fred Rist was pictured on board an ISDT Beeza - Fred ran a motorcycle dealership in Swansea, not far from me, so I took note. Anyway, the whole point of this was that this was before they moved to sprung frames and they'd produced a team of bikes based on the rigid frame with an A7 (or A10?) engine. In order to bang out the G-G's they'd needed to use a TT carb. They could only do this by putting a dog leg into the seat tube to create the space. This was not only explicitly mentioned in the article but was visible from the pics and looked just like a SF frame with a rigid rear end. (I know what an SF looks like as I have one).   I don't know about the rules for ISDT bikes in those days but it's possible that BSA had to make a batch of frames to 'homologate' the bike.  It may be that this is what you have which makes it a far more interesting (and rare) bike than an SF!   Try the BSA-OC library searching for ISDT bikes around 1952~3 and also 'Fred Rist'.