Author Topic: Dynamo driving sprocket removal  (Read 3267 times)

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Re: Dynamo driving sprocket removal
« Reply #30 on: 26.10. 2014 08:30 »
Yep I have similar with gauges both ends. saved me from stripping more than one nut/bolt
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Re: Dynamo driving sprocket removal
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So you were trying to trick me by not showing the end with the thread in question? Not nice to an old man. *fight* *smile*

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Re: Dynamo driving sprocket removal
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Entirely unintended Richard... >:D ...But OTOH, it keeps the old brain awake doesn't it? *sleepy* *smile*
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Re: Dynamo driving sprocket removal
« Reply #33 on: 12.02. 2020 00:42 »
Sorry for replying to a very old thread, but I found this via search when trying to solve this problem of a "stubborn" drive sprocket.  As Richard threatened, I actually ended up taking the grinder to mine.  Using an angle grinder and a Dremel with a cut-off wheel, I found my problem when the first of what ended up being three pieces of the tapered sprocket hub finally came free.

It was readily apparent that the taper had slipped and the sprocket friction welded to the tapered shaft.  Sometimes a bigger hammer and more heat isn't the solution. At least I didn't destroy anything else in the attempt.  Maybe this will save some else some grief.