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« on: 30.01. 2020 15:02 »
Always thought it was to good to last, Norton have gone into Administration, the tax man chasing money and now revealed Pensions Ombusman starting hearing about various company schemes.
Even John McGuinness is chasing them up for outstanding wages.
Let's hope Triumph get involved to save the 100 jobs.
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Re: Norton
« Reply #1 on: 30.01. 2020 15:44 »
  As I mentioned in an earlier post about Norton and its working practices, my pal's son worked for Toyota (Derby) quality assurance on incoming components. He changed jobs to Norton, but only stuck with the same (incoming assurance) job for a few weeks, when he realised the management had no inclination to sort problems and/or were unable to deal with batches of parts which were clearly out of spec. Parts just got stockpiled and then adapted to fit.

 He left sharpish, as his reports fell on deaf ears. He now works (same job) for Rolls Royce, on jet engines.

 Today's news came as no surprise, reminds me of the Phoenix Group and Austin Rover, and latterly, Carillion.

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Re: Norton
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They are not proper Nortons anyway  *whistle*
The company will probably now be bought out and concentrate on designer clothing.

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Re: Norton
« Reply #3 on: 31.01. 2020 05:35 »
It is the down side of private capitalized companies.
Investors want dividends and they have to be better than bank interest rates.
Quality costs money which is why Triumph took a leaf out of the BSA days and became a motorcycle manufacturer and not just an assembler of motorcycles from bought in parts which by the way is the method that nearly all UK motorcycle companies were structured from the 1920's on.
I doubt Triumph would want Norton as a going concern but as they are currently expanding the bulk of the 100 displaced workers migh find new employment, if they are good enough and have the right attitude.
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