Author Topic: Fork Slider I.D.  (Read 218 times)

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Fork Slider I.D.
« on: 22.03. 2020 20:05 »
Here is a pic of six fork sliders I bought some time ago - can anyone identify them?
The black pair on the left (1&2) both have the lugs for the backplate/cable and the bottom castings are different to the rest, the red pair in the middle (3&4) have the lower mudguard ears and the holes drilled through at the bottoms for the damper assembly - note also the drain plug screws are in a different place to the others, The single red one 5th from the left (5) has studs instead of the upper brackets and finally the black one on the far right has the lug for the backplate/cable and lower mudguard ears. On this one someone has tried to drill the bottom to fit the dampers but has drilled it on the p*ss!

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Re: Fork Slider I.D.
« Reply #1 on: 22.03. 2020 21:05 »
First 2 on left look like  C10 C11 1946-48 type.

The red one furthest from the left looks like B31/32/33 type similar date to above.