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Bike provenance
« on: 28.03. 2020 14:58 »
My bike was born on or around 10 Jan 1962 (1st reg).  It was registered in Middlesex before moving north to West Yorkshire where it's been ever since (Barnsley, Wakefield).  It's had around six previous owners including myself.

I've managed to contact about half the previous owners who gave me a great insight into its history.  Most notably, a chap who sent in some pictures of the bike when he had it in the mid 80s.  He used my bike as a donor for his Super Rocket, admitting he took the best bits from it including, I believe, the original engine.

I say this because my engine used to be DA10 17292 (1962-63), and was replaced with DA10 13957 (1961-62).  Effectively he replaced my engine with a slightly older unit.

So, I have a 1962-63 frame (GA7 22103) with a 1961-62 engine by the looks of it.  With the original engine that would have fitted with the Jan 1962 first reg. 

My question is, does anyone out there have my original engine DA10 17292, and can I have it back please?!  The reg of the Super Rocket he had was originally WCH 996, but this is now registered to a 1991 Harley 1340 in Turquoise according to DVLA.
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