Author Topic: Engine strip parts order  (Read 384 times)

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Re: Engine strip parts order
« Reply #15 on: 22.04. 2020 21:38 »
That's clever, I might have to give that a go in the morning.
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Re: Engine strip parts order
« Reply #16 on: 22.04. 2020 21:41 »
I assume you're going with the Hex plugs from SRM? If not, worthwhile purchase.

I can echo Swarfcut's advice. As annoying as it will be that it's taking longer than you thought, well worth it in the end. I'm just finishing up my 61' A10 engine reassembly (that started as fixing an oil leak...  *eek*) and learned much about planning and organization.

Something my Dad is doing that I liked is making a spreadsheet with vendor, price, shipping, etc comparisons for each part that he needs for his engine rebuild. Helps keep it cheap and gives you an idea of who might carry what kind of stuff.
Take care not to screw the crank plugs in too far. They can obstruct the oil flow if in too far.

I was keeping a spreadsheet during my bike restoration. When I could see that the total would top £4k I deleted the spreadsheet in case SWMBO saw it.  *eek*

I had a spreadsheet for my A10 project  *sad* *doh* but for the B31 project I DEFINITELY didn’t  *dribble*

I think that be one of the reasons I ride the B31 more than the A10 *whistle* (I mistakenly think it didn't cost as much)
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Re: Engine strip parts order
« Reply #17 on: 22.04. 2020 21:48 »
I guess the advice should be: start a spreadsheet if you're curious how much financial pain you are able to endure! The prices go up exponentially if you are constantly saying, "while it's this far apart" or similar. Another plus for Swarf's get a plan and evaluate first.

Minto, funny about having your son do the purchasing. My Dad did the same with me when he was building his Moto Guzzi Eldorado. I almost felt like a double agent.

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Re: Engine strip parts order
« Reply #18 on: 23.04. 2020 08:54 »
I didn't do a spreadsheet, but I do have all of the invoices bundled together. Even I haven't totted all of those up.
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