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Cut out switch key
« on: 18.05. 2020 10:47 »
I have considered replacing the cut out switch on my A10 gf with a key operated switch for extra security.

Any comments ?

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Re: Cut out switch key
« Reply #1 on: 18.05. 2020 11:33 »
I use a key on mine , it is a sprung lock that that when the key is turned it goes down taking away the earth contact from the metal, when it is turned up it earths out, but if anyone wanted to steel it when the steering  lock isn't on all they would have to do is rip the wire off *eek*

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Re: Cut out switch key
« Reply #2 on: 18.05. 2020 11:33 »
It wouldn’t add a lot of security, all they would need to do is pull the wire off the magneto.
It would deter the casual thief, but I expect that most attempts on these bikes are pre planned.
I’m looking for a security device myself and wondered if anyone has any good suggestions. The best I can think of right now is a good chain and padlock, but again, this wouldn’t deter the determined.
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Re: Cut out switch key
« Reply #3 on: 18.05. 2020 13:18 »
There are some good motion detector devices which you can fit temporarily or permanently. They are battery operated and have a remote button. They let out a piercing sound if the bike is moved. Ebay / Chinese stuff. Like this for example... 333544402079 put in Ebay search.

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Re: Cut out switch key
« Reply #4 on: 18.05. 2020 13:41 »
I have a discreet switch under the saddle but as already said, if a thief knows about magneto bikes they would just need to undo the mag end-cap or cut the earthing wire. If I have to leave my bike somewhere, (I try not to do that), I padlock it to a lampost or tree. I also park it somewhere as public as possible.

From what I've been reading lately about classic motorbikes falling in value, security may not be the issue it was 10 years ago, (unless it's a Vincent, Brough or Rudge). :( 

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Re: Cut out switch key
« Reply #5 on: 18.05. 2020 15:41 »
Keep it under lock and key and CCTV at home. A big lock and chain for when you are out and about - and don't leave it routinely for long periods in the same places out there.
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Re: Cut out switch key
« Reply #6 on: 18.05. 2020 16:53 »
I already  made this, but mainly for the charging light:
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Re: Cut out switch key
« Reply #7 on: 20.05. 2020 10:59 »
I used a paging alarm back in the days when the bikes were daily transport & parked on the street all night.
I can not speak highly enough of them
I have all of my bikes bar one and several would be bike thieves ended up with bricks in their heads that unfortunately fell of the verandah, "honestly officer"
As for the 3 who never moved apparently they must have been assulted by some one with a brick while I was out riding my motorcycle , " sorry officer I have been out on a tune up ride for the last 2 hours & did not see anything"
Now days when you can get small 12 V batteries no excuse not to fit one.
From memory they were called Page Alert and came with an inbuilt mercury switch & I added a magnetic one to the side stand.
They beep in your pocket, good for about a mile or so
Now days I only go out on organized runs so for them it is a heavy chain & 2 padlocks or the D lock through the back wheel.
The B50 & A65 have the alarms fitted but are both in the box "awaiting repairs" burried under a couple of tons of bike parts.

Nothing is going to stop a determined thief in the days of battery powered drills & cut off saws
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