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For Sale - Odds & Sods
« on: 08.07. 2020 23:13 »
Hi, I've some bits and pieces that came with some A10 spares - the vast majority do not belong to an A7/10 Plunger (to my knowledge) but they MAY be off a swinging arm A7/10 - or may not even be BSA.  So - if you're interested in any of the parts, please PM or if you know what they were originally attached to that would great.

I think the brakes shoes are from an A10 - left hand set has plenty of wear left, the right set will require new pads rivetting on (if you want some braking effect).
If interested in any of the parts just make an offer - no reasonable offer refused. At the point of clearing at last few boxes - otherwise destined for the bin.