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Re: GF badge dimensions
« Reply #15 on: 29.07. 2020 11:54 »
I will measure mine tomorrow.

How would you go about creating the moulds?

Easiest way is to use silicon moulding gel.
You can cast aluminium into most of them or get the cheaper stuff for white metals
Only trick is mixing the gel on a flat class surface so you do not entrap  air
and if you have a brake bleeder, degassing the solution
Then place the original face up on some glass, put a baked beans can with neither top or bottom over it and pouring the moulding gel over the top very slowly to avoid trapping air.

There are quite a few different silicon products on the market nowadays, from gels to putties that you can imprint straight into. I have to admit I like the look of sand casts though. I'd leave the background grainy and polish up the raised parts.
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