Author Topic: Hate the swingarm  (Read 1252 times)

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Re: Hate the swingarm
« Reply #30 on: 06.01. 2021 21:34 »

It looks like your swinging arm has had a hard life.  My Chainguard brackets are similar to each other and the better one of yours.  Mine have been bashed about a fair bit probably when the chain came off (lots of times?).  Just about usable.

If I was you I would get a Chainguard and then weld a new bracket to fit the holes.

my rear wheel is off at the moment so I will get a photo tomorrow.

Photo attached.  You can see the front bracket is smaller than the rear one.
Best of luck 

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Re: Hate the swingarm
« Reply #31 on: 25.01. 2021 01:30 »
I found a bike shop with a really great welder who was able to re-create the missing piece on the end of my swing arm.  I also had him cut off the old, mangled chain guard brackets.

I was able to grind out most of the rubber in the swingarm bushes with a hole saw, then fabricated a puller to remove the inner bushes together with the remnants of the spindle.

Still working on the outer bushes.  Hoping to get this thing to the powder coating shop soon.
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