Author Topic: plunger clutch in swinging arm  (Read 805 times)

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plunger clutch in swinging arm
« on: 28.08. 2009 11:33 »
Hi chaps,

What would be the pros/ cons/ possibility etc of using a plunger clutch in a swinging arm A10 ,on the face of it the plunger clutch looks better than the standard 6 spring unit in the SA model.I guess the main considerations are is the clutch better, will the plunger mainshaft fit the SA case, will the duplex engine sprocket be suitable.Has any one done this conversion or is it a non starter.
I ask because I have the parts in the garage and my budget wont stretch to a new 4 spring clutch.

Cheers Spyke.
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Re: plunger clutch in swinging arm
« Reply #1 on: 28.08. 2009 14:32 »
These is no inherent benefit and a lot of grief involved in swapping over main shafts 
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Re: plunger clutch in swinging arm
« Reply #2 on: 28.08. 2009 18:44 »
If you fit the plunger mainshaft then you could use a NORTON clutch, then still use the single row chain and retain cush drive on engine sprocket. I personally would fit a four spring TRIUMPH clutch far superior to bsa six spring, fit and forget also less hassle.I have never heard anyone use a duplex setup from a plunger on a swing arm but the clutch is also a good one. Dave