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oil pipe union
« on: 29.08. 2009 10:11 »
Hi Guys, I'm new to your site but have been lurking around it for some months now. Im trying to get up to  speed on an A7 restoration i inherited ( basket case scenario )which i am finding both challenging, frustrating and exciting. However I am so looking forward to the day i fire this machine up.
Anyway, a few details before i proceed with my questions. The bike has an engine#ZA7 8280 frame# ZA7S 1090. I have been told it is an AF longstroke.
I am unable to source an oil pipe union and am wanting some advice on an alternative for the oil supply/ oil return engine connections. Any advice appreciated.

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Re: oil pipe union
« Reply #1 on: 29.08. 2009 15:28 »
welcome to the site ben im sure someone will help you out
you could try dragonfly for your parts or c and d autos both
deal in bsa


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Re: oil pipe union
« Reply #2 on: 30.08. 2009 10:13 »
Thankyou! Both Dragonfly and the local company here in NZ don't stock this item, but i will try C & D Auto.

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Re: oil pipe union
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I am not familiar with the oil pipe union on the long stroke motor, but if you are handy with a lathe, or know someone who is, it is straight-forward to machine  the unions, purchase copper pipe from an industrial supplier, and solder them together.


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Re: oil pipe union
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Keep watching ebay UK and US as well as OZ of course they come up from time to time there is a pic of one on the Tech & Maintenance on this website. I bought several of them from ebay over the last year or so.
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