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Connecting rod weights
« on: 17.10. 2020 14:27 »
Got a set for new R&R connecting rods, $450 froma US vendor..On my triple beam scale, the weight is 390.5 grams. The original A10 rod is 383 grams.Not enough difference to worry about in my opinion . I did not weigh big and small ends separate but should be very similar
   Other photo shows the R&R on top of the stock rod...stock rod is slightly larger...
  If made from identical aluminum, the stock rod forged into shape should be stronger than
a rod  machined from a forged billet..But its not relevant because there's no way to make a comparisons without knowledge f the aluminum used
 Does anyone know the weight of the Thunder Rods?


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Re: Connecting rod weights
« Reply #1 on: 17.10. 2020 18:30 »
yes 292g without bolts 344g with bolts, erm A7 rods though

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Re: Connecting rod weights
« Reply #2 on: 17.10. 2020 20:32 »
some info on weights here for SJ rod weight, to compare you need to know whether bolts nuts and shells etc are included or not.

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