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Re: Introduction - Angusa10
« Reply #15 on: 01.12. 2020 12:32 »
Richard about 25 years ago I nearly sold mine for beer and pot, but even though I was very nearly skint I thought about the hours my dad had stood at the lathe on one good leg and with one eye in a cold workshop and a drip on his nose making bushes and other bits and I couldn't do it even with the money being held in my hand. I had to let the buyer down at the last minute . best decision of my life , the grin it gives me listening to it going through the gears revving its nuts off---- well you can't beat it with a big stick *smile*

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Re: Introduction - Angusa10
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That's a great dad story. While I continually gawk at lathes on eBay, I often think about the lathe my dad had in our garage, and that I was too stupid to glom onto. After the $50, I put $3k of 70's money into having my bike restored by a local shop, only to collide with a left-turner in '79.

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Re: Introduction - Angusa10
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better late than never,   nice intro Angus,  first time I've heard the forum compared to AA, however it , ( this wonderful forum)  and  BSA A10's  are obviously addictive , look how long most of us have owned A10's for and indeed how long some of us have been in the forum for !
i hope your bike gives you as much adrenalin ,fun and frendship as mine as done over the last 54 yrs  ,best of luck.

Berger i did the exactly same thing back in 1968 , one of my brothers work mate having seen my A7SS ,as it was then, said should I ever sale let him know  6 mths later and being almost lured away by BMC minis which I was  selling  a call produced me rididing half way round Liverpool ,  absolutely enjoying every minute of the ride , let the guy have a test ride where he was throwing pound notes at me and suddenly I couldn't sell , I went home a lot faster than riding out and the bike stayed and is still here ,in better nick than me !! *lol* *lol*
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