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KiwiGf, not the only  culprit but needed if you want that white head on it . Even the bottled original stuff is pasturised  now where as you used to be able to use the yeast in the bottles to brew stout.

Well I didn’t know cans and bottles are probably pasturised, but for me real ale is sold draft and comes from a barrel. I have only once found a British draft real ale on sale in a NZ, and that was by “accident”, it was a scottish one being sold as the “special” beer in a Wellington pub, it had been flown in and had to be drunk within a couple of days. Which I helped with, despite the price of 8 quid a pint (in 2012).

There is british guy 15 mins ride away who has a mini brewery and a tiny pub to sell his beer, a couple of the beers brewed are more than ok, some others are chilled and more like NZ craft beers and made to suit local taste I guess! but despite that I am still looking forward to a trip to the UK to do some sampling, once that trip is possible (and safe).

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Re: Avatar Picture
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You can't even buy an English Bitter here in western Vic (Ballarat area).
You can buy almost any other nationality beer, but not English. Coopers Session comes close but it's not the same.