Author Topic: Electric leg?  (Read 195 times)

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Electric leg?
« on: 13.01. 2021 02:26 »
Into my 4th score years, fairly rattly ol' bones, 3/4 lungs -emphysemic at that, and maybe a little money coming my way soon, has had me thinking.
That new Enfield twin looks pretty good. And I have a sweet '89 Suzi GS500 that really does everything I need, with all the functional simplicity of an aircooled twin, and performance that any RGS could only dream about. BUT... Something's missing! My SR.
Steve McFarlane's electric start A10 modification looks terrific, a pretty good proposition surely. Not cheap, but.
Can I get reactions from people who've done this mod?
Am I going troppo? (Alright I can answer that myself!)

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Re: Electric leg?
« Reply #1 on: 13.01. 2021 22:56 »
Hi Jools,
I have the kit here waiting until my new knee permits me getting back to the workshop
I posted about it here,

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