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ora banda .ax
« on: 10.02. 2021 09:41 »
There was a news flash in hotcopper the other night that WA gold miner ora banda ( had just poured their first gold ingot!!
A bit of local inside info would come in handy here.
Should I sell my shares in the quokka farm and get stuck in?

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Re: ora banda .ax
« Reply #1 on: 11.02. 2021 00:35 »
They are mining at Davyhurst; 20 miles north of the Ora Banda townsite.
The Davyhurst and nearby Callion mines started around 1896; nearly 130 years of wealth, sweat and toil.

By the late 40's and early 50's the miners were mainly hard working italian and slavs; wonderful men. Very few could afford cars; it was the era of the british motorcycle.

Every weekend a squadron or two  would ride the 20 rough miles on the corrugated road to Ora Banda, and then on to Kalgoorlie for another wild weekend of spleen venting, drink and debauchery. The Gianni's, Martinoviches, Epis's, Donatti's  etc would call in at our homestead in Ora Banda, and catch up with my father, who would join in (or probably lead them astray).

After a session or two at the Ora Banda pub, they would ride 16 miles south to the Broad Arrow pub for additional lubrication. Then they would weave the final 24 miles south to Kalgoorlie for the serious partying. Most of the bikes had the mufflers removed; it was a fashion, but also improved ground clearance on bush tracks. On the outskirts of Kalgoorlie they would stop near the (illegal) Two Up (non aussies refer to Wikileaks), strip the twigs and leaves from bushes, and stuff them up the exhaust pipe to reduce the noise and the attention from the cops.

I will dig up some pics of young men and old bikes, taken at the homestead in the 50's.

In recent times the Davyhurst mine has had fluctuating fortunes. It is now under new management ("Ora Banda" mining company), and producing its first gold in several years; we will all watch with interest.