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Re: Frank P intro
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welcome frank  *welcome* I used to own a T160 same as yours I shouldn't have sold it. my mate had a stinger and he threw it down the road with my brother on the back when he ran out of brakes coming to a roundabout , he used to point at the rev counter to my brother when it went all the way past blowing up stage, he called it his tw*t bike , I came across one at a jumble that had been done up £6500 he wanted for it *whistle* and that was 3 years ago *eek*   I put a 3 into one on the trident with a mega to drown out the tappets

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Re: Frank P intro
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Hello Berger, the T160 is a keeper as I now have the start of the series '69 Rocket3 and end of the series '75 T160 while still deciding whether to do one of the T150 projects as well. The Suzuki is my first thorough rebuild I have done in years near to concours with genuine NOS for 99% of the bike; I even found after 3 years and 4 months of searching, the oil hose protection plate for the top of the engine and spent near 4kcad in the process. Still breaking in the engine so nothing over 5K yet.
RichardL, this has been mentioned to me a few times but I firmly believe "you gotta have spares!" and for reasons of full disclosure I will admit I have 20+ rebuilt bikes so far and 50+ rolling and basket case projects.
It just happens sometimes. For example when I came upon the '47 BSA A7 with a spare rolling frame the guy I was dealing with was unrealistic about his price and said he could sweeten the deal by throwing in some of the British "stuff" he inherited from his Granddfather as well as the A7's, this was a few Tiger Cub frames and parts he had sitting around. I made him an offer for everything British in his Grandfathers garage showed up a few days later with a van to take it away (had to go away and rent a bigger truck) and ended up with the A7's, 6 Cub frames, 5 tanks, 8 engines, 14 wheels, 20 fenders and 30 or more cases of oil tanks, battery boxes and SPARES, enough to fill a 3 ton van. I will say this guy just needed the money so he could finish off his '36 Crocker so I understand he was not interested in anything else.
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