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Re: Brexit
« Reply #15 on: 25.05. 2021 02:59 »
It does sound like trade between UK and European countries has become much more difficult than between UK and the rest of the world, hopefully things will settle down soon.

I buy spares for our UK built caravan and get them shipped over to Australia. Typically stuff arrives between 8 -14 days of order. Covid has slowed some things down but not overly much.

I pay no VAT nor should anyone outside the UK but I do have to pay GST (local Aussie VAT equivalent) albeit a more reasonable 10%.

It used to be that GST and customs import duty was only charged if the total value of goods bought within a year was over $1000AUD.

Now it is supposedly levied on all transactions but this seems a bit hit and miss.

If the value of goods exceeds $1000 AUD I most certainly will incur import duties and GST is then charged on the value of the goods plus the shipping cost which starts to hurt a bit!


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