Author Topic: fork shroud gap  (Read 507 times)

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Re: fork shroud gap
« Reply #15 on: 15.06. 2021 11:04 »
I seem to remember this issue coming up on an earlier thread after fitting roller bearings, and the solution then was a black O ring at the top of the shrouds to fill the gap...

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Re: fork shroud gap
« Reply #16 on: 15.06. 2021 11:59 »
I suspect they may close up a little more once the forks are installed and tightened up. 

I'm not envisioning a non-destructive mechanism by which the gap is closed when tightening the forks at the top yoke. With that small gap, you might be in the realm where you could elongate the pinch-bolt holes and relieve the bottom yoke slots to move up a bit (according to your own best judgement, of course). On the order of the O-ring recalled by Jules, maybe custom-turned washers with close-fit ID and OD would look pretty decent.

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Re: fork shroud gap
« Reply #17 on: 15.06. 2021 13:04 »
When I fitted a Suzuki 750 front end to the project ('62 A10 S/A frame) I used the suzuki shrouds as well. Naturally, length did no co-operate and so I turned up a couple of spacers from black nylon. Hardly see them.
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