Author Topic: WANTED - A10 Plunger Parts  (Read 119 times)

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WANTED - A10 Plunger Parts
« on: 14.06. 2021 15:50 »
Good Afternoon All

I thought it may be easier to start a new thread as I've now found most of the mechanical components to build by 'Johnny Cash's Cadillac' 1954 A10 Plunger.

I'm still looking for the following items, if anyone has them lurking in their sheds.  I'm hoping not to pay eBay prices for things, so curious to see what people have got first.

Still looking for the below items:

Hinged rear mudguard
Deep valanced front mudguard
Battery carrier (who isn't looking for one!)
Petrol tank
Brake pedal pivot

I have quite a few spares for the A10 (swingarm) so please feel free to ask.

Many thanks in advance.

Kind regards

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Re: WANTED - A10 Plunger Parts
« Reply #1 on: 01.07. 2021 19:19 »
I have an undented tank off a 1953 Flash. There is surface rust that would be no problem for a skilled plater. The only issue is the shipping cost to bonnie ole england. LloydL
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Re: WANTED - A10 Plunger Parts
« Reply #2 on: 12.07. 2021 14:36 »
Hi I have all those plunger parts but Im in Australia so shipping is too expensive unfortunately.
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