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Re: Egli Vincent
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a quick question ...   I've noticed several Vincents with this red devil metal emblem on the front guard...
Does anyone know the  history of it's origin?    *????*
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Re: Egli Vincent
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think it's a bike custom shop in italy

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Re: Egli Vincent
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In the early years of WW2 the second raid by the fledgling SAS was by a company of particularly fierce and effective Scots on a German radar installation on the French coast.
It was a great success; probably the first one by the allies at that stage of the war.
Only eight SAS members were lost; the RN evacuated the majority of the raiding party back to Portsmouth with most of the bits of the radar equipment (as planned).

The Scots took a heavy toll of the Germans, who described the raiding party as "Red Devils".

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Re: Egli Vincent
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And there was a reciprocal raid early in the war on the "Sound Radar" installation on the southern side of the Isle of Wight. The German raiding force was much larger and it was apparently initially thought to be an advance party for the anticipated German invasion though there has never been an official report of what happened AFAIK.
Apparently no prisoners were taken and no raiders reached the shore, but reports turned up in the local IoW press for years afterwards describing aspects of it.
One woman said her dad was traumatised for evermore after being in the crew of an in-shore patrol boat repeatedly speeding back and forth through the soldiers flailing around in the water... *eek*