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« on: 15.07. 2021 23:00 »
Before bed I went outside to check that the car was locked.
A lad was riding an electric scooter along the quite busy road, (without lights, of course). On top of this he was using his mobile phone which he was holding in the same hand as the left handlebar.

Oh, hi Mr Darwin 🙄
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Re: Scooter
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Oh, hi Mr Darwin

yes - his theory has gone for a ride in a Delorean I reckon

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Re: Scooter
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 Those with time on their hands can Laugh & Learn by a Google Search "The Darwin Awards". Ones that caught my eye were the perils of doing a handstand on the side of a Sinkhole, Piloting a plane  with your ankles in aviation fuel, and the perils of disposing of unwanted dynamite by firing at it with a Shotgun. Using Dynamite to make a fishing hole in a frozen lake is also a bad idea if you have a dog that likes to fetch, and then run under your brand new pick up parked on the ice......