Author Topic: bsa petcock cork washer  (Read 101 times)

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bsa petcock cork washer
« on: 12.10. 2021 15:50 »
hi. could someone tell me what the correct thickness of the cork washer the flat disk washer for the early petcocks should be? thanks

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Re: bsa petcock cork washer
« Reply #1 on: 14.10. 2021 22:28 »
I cut them out of wine corks so that it is only just possible to screw in the top and bottom. I also suggest you drop them in boiling water to soften them before you put them in and assemble them with a bit of soap as a lubricant. I don't cut the hole in them either preferring to clamp them all up tight in the open position then push through a red hot rod of an appropriate size.
this is obviously for the push slide round off hexag-on type of tap.