Author Topic: Rear Rim for QD hub  (Read 257 times)

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Rear Rim for QD hub
« on: 15.11. 2022 19:12 »
I have asked a similar question before but I’m still undecided. I have a 54 swinging arm A10, the hub and splines are all in good order but it needs a new rim. Options are, I think, a 19 inch wm2, 18 inch wm2 or wm3. The idea of fitting an 18 inch is to Increase the choice of tyres and possibly a slightly wider rear tyre.

Has anyone fitted an 18 inch rim and was it an improvement?

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Re: Rear Rim for QD hub
« Reply #1 on: 15.11. 2022 19:15 »
I'd stick with original WM2 x 19

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Re: Rear Rim for QD hub
« Reply #2 on: 16.11. 2022 04:33 »
Has anyone fitted an 18 inch rim and was it an improvement?

Yes and no idea

I've fitted a 2.5x18 to the rear of mine as it will give me a far better choice of tyres and I'm not concerned about originality, the bike is not likely to be back up and running until late next year but I'd expect a big improvement given I've selected the rim sizes based on the optimum rim size for the tyres I intend to run and will be able to get far better rubber than what is currently available in a 19 inch rear

I'm also going to a 2.15x19 front rim for the same reason
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Re: Rear Rim for QD hub
« Reply #3 on: 16.11. 2022 13:54 »
Unless you've managed to double the bhp of the engine, rubber for a 19" is more than the bike will ever need. Used to race with K70 rear on 19". My son (listening to his mates) decided when he borrowed my bike (now historic racing) that he'd change the rear to 18". Didn't like the handling (it's slower turning in) and soon went back to 19".
For my A10V2 and M21V2 I use WM3 X 19 on the rears, shod with either K70 or Avon Universal. The latter lasts longer but lacks the grip of the K70. I prefer a WM3 with a 3.50 tyre as they sit better.  3.50 on a WM2 is actually an oversize.
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