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Re: BSA Decals/transfers
« Reply #15 on: 11.12. 2022 02:23 »
Classic Transfers, the BSAOC & the VMCC all sell the same decals from the same printer .
They are perfect reproductions of the originals
The VMCC & the BSAOC only sell them in the original form so the varnish transfer ones are varnish transfer ( not easy to do ) , waterslides are waterslides & self adheasive ones are self adheasive.
Classic Transfers only sell water slide & self adheasive.
No problem for tarting up a daily rider but a big problem for museum quality rebuilds as they look totally different when applied to the bike .
Varnish transfers use actual gold seize , not gold coloured (usually tiatanium oxide ) pigment .
Varnish transfer look like they are part of the paintwork because they are only as thick as the pigment
Waterslides are thicker and will look raised unless you put a dozen feathered clear coats over the top ( and hope they don't crack or bubble )
And of course self adheasive look like a band aid  and most of the ebay ones are really thick so look really bad.
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