Author Topic: A7 rigid front end...again  (Read 998 times)

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A7 rigid front end...again
« on: 16.10. 2009 12:19 »
Is there anything to stop me putting a '48 B33 front end into my A7 rigid, including the top and bottom yokes? Any horrendous differences in length, girth, width, colour, shape, niceness, etc??

BTW thank you to the folks who suggested a late 60's A65 front end...I'm keeping that one up my sleeve for now!

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Re: A7 rigid front end...again
« Reply #1 on: 16.10. 2009 14:53 »
Hmmmm....dunno about '48, but for '49 (I don't think much changed on the front end), the lower yoke and fork sliders are identical...the top yoke and tubes are different part numbers, but I'm guessing they will interchange and I'm quite certain that, as a unit, they will freely swap.

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Re: A7 rigid front end...again
« Reply #2 on: 17.10. 2009 07:22 »
Pretty sure it will fit straight in. Just a couple of things to keep in mind though, those fork sliders are designed to take the standard 7" front hub so if you want to fit a different wheel it might take some more work. Also the front mudguard mounts are different but if you have a complete front end with wheel and guard none of this matters. If you intend to put a different front wheel in at a later date and are not sure which guard you will use I would try and get a set of 50' or later sliders (as used on the A10) without the hole for the brake plate locating pin. will save some work in the future. The 49' or later sliders that are designed to take the 7" hub can be altered, you simply remove the brazed on casting that locates the brake plate.
Most of this sort of BSA stuff is interchangeable but you just need to be aware of the subtle differences depending on what you intend to do.

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Re: A7 rigid front end...again
« Reply #3 on: 17.10. 2009 09:10 »
A set of M20 Girder forks would slot in nicely if you happen to have some kicking around. I know this for certain as my 49 A7 has them. But as Brian says... Most of this BSA stuff is indeed interchangeable! Good Luck.
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Re: A7 rigid front end...again
« Reply #4 on: 18.10. 2009 09:28 »
It'll certainly fit, the early XB series ran fuel tank mounted speedo's so the top triple clamp has no holes in it to fit a speedo bracket and the mudguard stays were off a common stub on the back of the slider. Later ZB series have the stubs front and rear and also the speedo mount holes. The 8" and 7" brakes will fit these forks. Later forks do have more advanced damping as standard if you go down the A65 route. There are A65 sliders that still have the LH thread for the QD wheel and also nice damper rod assemblies, much advanced on the X & ZB forks.

my 51 ZB runs the later 8" brake rather than the std pressed 7" brake which is only suitable for a bantam or a shelf.
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