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new BSA sales / reliability

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as we dont have the new BSA models across the pond I was curious as to how well they are selling in UK and any reliability issues .
I know some members have purchased one and  would like to know how it is doing plans on selling my a10 !

I have one. I am not aware of anyone else on this forum owning up to having bought one.
I have had a couple of issues that required a visit to the dealer to fix but I'm thinking that as the model is new teething problems may be expected. Hopefully all issues are being fed back to Mahindra to improve the next batch.
After about 600 miles I noticed some oil on the side of the cylinder block. I took it back;  they changed the head gasket. I asked if the head bolts were checked at the first, 500 mile, service. The chap said they were not required by BSA to do that. Hmmm.

Second problem came at about 2k miles. I was about 20 miles from home on my way to a club weekend away. The clutch quickly became very slack and stopped releasing altogether. It had the effect of a broken clutch cable or a nipple coming off. I had to use the roadside service, (AA) included in the guarantee for the bike to get it to the dealers and then to take me home. The dealer workshop manager said the clutch basket nut had come loose so can not have had threadlock used. I have to take his word for this;  however, I watched a video of the BMW Funduro engine being  stripped. That engine is basically the same Rotax 650 single engine as the one in the new Gold Star. The clutch basket nut on the BMW version is tab-washered so not likely to come loose.

Anyway, fingers crossed that nothing serious goes wrong with my new BSA. It is a very simple machine and that is one of the features that I like about it.

There are several Facebook groups for the new bike if you feel like lurking and reading other people experiences.

There is a lot of noise about changing the appearance of the bike to make them look more like the classic BSA's. The rear number plate seems to be too low down for some people so they are buying new rear light assemblies designed for A10's etc. and cutting off some of the rear guard before mounting the old style assembly. Another change is to the rear shock absorbers which from the factory have open springs. Folks are buying Girling style shockers to replace the originals. I've even seen someone change the stark modern hooter for something that looks a bit more like an original horn.

Only to be expected. Remember, you're the test pilot for a modern machine made by an Indian company whose only link to BSA is the name on the tank.

Edit - might have been better to have bought a modern from an established producer with reputation - eg Honda.

What is the warranty period ?
Are they fuel injected ?
Do they need re programming if say you removed the cat convertor ?


--- Quote from: sean on 21.08. 2023 20:48 ---What is the warranty period ?
Are they fuel injected ?
Do they need re programming if say you removed the cat convertor ?

--- End quote ---
Warrantee was two years when I bought mine. There is a current offer of a four year warrantee period.
Yes, fuel injected.
Don't know anything about that.


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