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Early Xmas
« on: 29.11. 2009 21:08 »
G'day All,
Well my Super Rocket I purchased on ebay landed last week.
It was certyainly a mission to get it back from N.Y. to Australia,
lots of things to be careful  with when importing as I found out,
didn't help that the seller was 90kg out with his weight estimation,
but all in all, it was a bit of a bargain. The eng/gbox is in fantastic nick,
looks to have done very little work, all nuts etc. look relatively un -touched,
no broken fins, turns over with spark, so its a good start. I had to leave the frame
there because the bike had no title & the No's were ground off, but got the S/arm
& everything else. No front end though, had some kind of japanese extended forks.
The wheels, oil tank, tool box are also in great nick.
The crank cases have a couple of stamps that my '61 doesn't have, has a 63 on the
next face back from the eng. No. & under the area where the dynamo sits it has
crank case No's that coincide on both sides, which would make it obvious if people
had to swap around cases, obviously the 63 is the year, but my 61 doesn't have
anything on that face.
Should be a good project down the track, I'm not in any hurry on this one, will have
to track down a '63 frame, front end, guards etc.
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Re: Early Xmas
« Reply #1 on: 29.11. 2009 21:39 »
Hi Cus,
Good Luck with the project!!
those numbers identify a pair of crankcases,
the numbers can be found in a number of differnt places depending(on what I dont know!!)
John O R
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Re: Early Xmas
« Reply #2 on: 01.12. 2009 02:13 »
Look out Cus,
There is some NSW wretch advertising for a 63 RGS or A10 frame in Just Bikes.
If its you, substitute wretch for gentleman.
British Spares in NZ are moving and having a garage sale on December 5th.
I notice in their ad ( there are frames hanging from the ceiling like christmas decorations.
Why don't you give them a call, you might get lucky.

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Re: Early Xmas
« Reply #3 on: 01.12. 2009 03:53 »
G'day Olev,

Good ol Just Bikes, looks like its doing its job..."You can't hide much around here!"
Had a guy call up just to talk about s/r's, was hoping he was going to get to the
part about the spare frame he had, but ended up just saying good bye & hanging
up, he probably got sick of getting no response from his wife on the bike subject.
Thanks for that tip, I've emailed them to see what they have,

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