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Rattle guns aka Impact wrenches

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I'm finding as I get older that strength is seeping away quietly and I notice it in various ways - the latest was changing the blade disc and blades on my Honda self propelled mower, whereby I needed to loosen the old rusted bolts, then tighten the new shiney ones to torque. I noted on Utube most people used a rattle gun, which I dont have but am now thinking of getting!
Knowing nothing about such things I googled Makita 18v tools (I have a few already) and noted that they have many types and sizes and for the life of me cannot understand where a torque of 1200 Nm (the highest capacity) would be needed by the average person like me/us. I figured that the smaller and cheaper one rated at (only!) 330 Nm would be more than enough for the average shed worker for cars/bikes/mowers etc BUT I thought I'd ask you learned people who probably use them most of the time now (?), what your thoughts are regarding capacity/size/features etc etc - thoughts??

Roger (Doomtrainbarx):
I have a DeWalt 1/2" drive 18v with variable torque settings - seems to do everything I need.

I've a Makita 3/8" gun which I find does most things on a bike. I find it's loosening things that are the main problem and the 3/8" gun copes well. I prefer to tighten thing by hand for 'feel', even crank pin nuts (with a long bar)

Hi Roger, what is max capacity you have used with it (vs its rating) and have you ever cross checked the torque with a wrench?
Hi Bsareg, do you know what the rated capacity of the Makita is and have you ever exceeded it ie it failed to do the job? I just googled Makita here and there is only 1/2,7/16 (?) and 3/4 sizes here it seems.... cheers

1/2” drive Dewalt with 600 ft lb here, on lower setting it only gives about 80 ft lb max.

If you use a an extension you lose a lot of ft lb so I recommend something with that sort of power. Big sockets also reduce ft lb.

Biggest benefit has to be doing car wheel nuts…..but a 600 ft lb rated wrench can easily break a 3/8” stud, and maybe a 1/2” one.

They are not the answer to stuck/rusted nuts….they either don’t move or maybe snap off, I find a 500mm breaker bar gives more torque than the wrench.


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