Author Topic: SRM Oil Pump Gasket  (Read 991 times)

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SRM Oil Pump Gasket
« on: 23.10. 2009 22:22 »
I am familiar with the manual / parts list that calls for the fibre washer to be fitted to the "out post" stud on the oil pump but the oil pump gasket supplied by SRM in their engine set has an "extention" to the gasket which locates to the out post stud. I am presuming when using this version of oil pump gasket the fibre washer should be omitted?


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Re: SRM Oil Pump Gasket
« Reply #1 on: 23.10. 2009 23:53 »
Hi Des,
Definetly Yes, omit the washer with the SRM gasket, as far as I know this is an A65 gasket
I dont favour the use of a fibre washer as it is difficult to get one exactly the same thickness as the gasket
also fibre is harder than the paper so in my theory it does not squeez up the same!!!!
so the pump body does not sit flat against the casing.
I make my own gaskets from good quality gasket material (Klingerite or Walkers make)
I make sure the holes line up exactly and that no fibres get under the anti syphon ball at the back of my SRM pump
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