Author Topic: Oil Tank A7 SS  (Read 721 times)

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Oil Tank A7 SS
« on: 24.10. 2009 17:01 »
Found a slight leak from the seam of the oil tank where the fixing bracket attaches. Obviously the tension on the braket is acting on the seam and it has resulted in a small weep of oil. Looking inside the tank and despite washing through for 24 hrs or more on a parts washer I can still detect crud in the internal crevises. Having spent a small fortune on the motor have decided to de-seam the tank and open it up to clean it out thouroughly. I have heard of people cutting a section out of the back of the tank but it seems to me by removing the weld from the inner rear mounting and then de seaming the thing should split in two halves. Have made up stoppers for the oil feed / return, blocked the breather and fitted a tyre valve to a spare filler cap I can pressure test to ensure the finished tank when re welded is air / oil tight.
Anyone had a go at this ?


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Re: Oil Tank A7 SS
« Reply #1 on: 24.10. 2009 17:38 »
Are you saying you want to cut it open just to clean it out?  Take it to a radiator shop.  They'll get it clean.

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