Author Topic: More wetsumping  (Read 5702 times)

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Re: More wetsumping
« Reply #45 on: 25.11. 2009 12:21 »
. Another slight puzzle, I rotated the drive easily with my finger, then took off the end cover to inpect the cogs (fine), I didn't remove the screws, left them in the cover, so they'd go back in same holes, but once I'd tightened it up again, I couldn't spin the drive with my finger! I'm assuming once the drive is being driven by the crank it will turn easily,

I think that if the pump spindle revolved freely before you took it apart  and it doesnt now that you have re-assembled it then you need to investigate why. You are correct that the crank will turn it easily but thats not really solving it.
  Also,when you inspected the gears in the pump did you check them for excessive end float caused by wear in the body and end covers? this can allow oil to drain past the gears and into the engine.

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Re: More wetsumping
« Reply #46 on: 25.11. 2009 16:55 »
Hi again Rusty - Quite agree the length of the bolts wont be an issue ( provided they screw all the way in ) but the fact that they are different lengths would indicate that at least one of them was not fitted at Small Heath and therefore it might be wrong and therefore the size of the hole in it might be wrong - however comparing them to the bolts out of my project the size of the holes looks about right.

The pump going tight is something I have noted, it's a case of if you've no reason to think it's got problems it's best left well alone unless you mark everything before you dismantle, my road going Flash pump went stiff a bit when re-assembled ( you can't resist having a look in can you ) but has done a good thousand miles since build up without problems.

Anyway here's to a successful conclusion.

All the best - Bill

All the best - Bill
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Re: More wetsumping
« Reply #47 on: 25.11. 2009 19:29 »
heres an oil pump gasket srm do them it does away with the washer
which i think is a great idea

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Re: More wetsumping
« Reply #48 on: 26.11. 2009 09:35 »
Everything back together now, watched the pump to make sure it was turning ok, seems fine, that gasket looks like a good idea. Can't test it yet cos it's stuck in the conservatory, and if I start it and the house fills with smoke (or even hopefully just exhaust fumes) there could be trouble  *eek*. I'm not overconfident I've fixed anything, but we'll see. It's easy to see how it can look like the pump is in there tight against the case, because the worm makes it feel like that even when it's still a mill or so from home, so maybe ;)

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Re: More wetsumping
« Reply #49 on: 26.11. 2009 11:51 »
G'day Mike. the pumps nearly always tighten up when reassembled. I don't like putting them back like this. you have to spin them whilst tightening the screws evenly a bit at a time. Some times a gentle tap with a hide mallet will help. If it's still stiff undo and start again. The last one took me nearly 1 hour but was as free as a bird. Putting back tight will wear the worm. Loctite the studs. The banjo bolts look OK.
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