Author Topic: Wanted, Super Rocket manuals, PDF or similar ?  (Read 3697 times)

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Re: Wanted, Super Rocket manuals, PDF or similar ?
« Reply #30 on: 26.11. 2009 23:09 »
Hi Everyone
I would just like to say a big thank you to people like Steve who have the skills and TIME to be able produce and pass on the information that we are so desperate for.

This is why the forum is great, everyone are so willing to give advice and information for our common insterest in the BSA A series.

Again thanks guys
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Re: Wanted, Super Rocket manuals, PDF or similar ?
« Reply #31 on: 27.11. 2009 12:06 »
Nick and all

Well we all share a common interest don't we, to preserve and keep these great bikes on the road! Anything that helps that happen across the globe is a good thing, and forums like this where everyone is so helpful is nothing less than inspiring.

I have so many people to thank in the classic bike world but i guess its all about helping each other. Talking to people you find out some amazing things. I think its great that nowadays you can freely chat to the likes of Trevor, and many others all over the world with so much knowledge to be shared isn't it just amazing.

One thing i have learn teaching apprentices and engineers is never be to proud to learn something even from the youngest lad, and its amazing what you can learn.

I haven't even started my rebuild yet but there are always endless questions aren't there, and i thought i knew about bikes, i mean growing up in the "Rickman" family i had now choice but to be surrounded by bikes!

To finish up, anyone that needs any BSA info, any bike, just drop me a line if i can help i will..

Kind Regards

Kind Regards
Steve Rickman

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Re: Wanted, Super Rocket manuals, PDF or similar ?
« Reply #32 on: 27.11. 2009 20:39 »
Anyone knowing of online documentation not already in 'BSA related links' can post some links, and any material (not obviously copyrighted) can be emailed and I can make it available from the forum server.

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