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New member
« on: 10.12. 2009 20:16 »
Hi All,
I am a new memeber so forgive the ignorance. I have just bought a 1960 A10 that has been converted to a Cafe Racer at some point. It has some nice features such as Borrini Alloy Wheels John Tickle front brake and Eddy Dow damper and rocker covers. The problem I have is that the rims are WM3 and I am unsure of which width of tyre would be suitable. Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.

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Re: New member
« Reply #1 on: 11.12. 2009 06:30 »
G'day Samson, I have WM3's on my '57 cafe and am running Dunlop Elite K591 F R  120/80/18 56V rear & 100/90/19 51V front. These are race compound but the same as street only softer. Not sure if still available but Avon AM18's in same size are great but expensive. Michelin Macadams in same size work well.
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Re: New member
« Reply #2 on: 11.12. 2009 10:12 »
Hello there,
What are the tyres that are on it just now?
Is it running? Have you tried them out?
Do you want something that looks in keeping with the period of the bike or are you thinking of a modern sports tyre?
Have a search through this forum there are various threads on tyres which will show the varying opinions of posters here.
And post some pictures when you can. We love to check out each others toys here.

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Re: New member
« Reply #3 on: 11.12. 2009 12:01 »
Thanks for the warm welcome and the advice.
The bike was in large lumps when i picked it up with several bits missing, mudguards, tyres and forks. It has a alloy oil tank fitted where the battery usual sits and huge alloy fuel tank.
The head and barrel was off and the engine is now completly stripped for inspection. Gear box seems ok with all gears selectable.
It also came with a period race fairing. Some of the nuts and bolts have been drilled for wires so it may have been raced at some point, who knows.
Not even sure what model it is (was) log book says first registed june 1960 chassis No GA79087 hope one of you guys will let me know.
Will up load some photos when it starts to go back together. at the moment most of it is in boxes. First job is to get a rolling chassis, hence the request for tyre advice. I would probably want to stick to a period looking tyre but was worried that the std size tyre would be too small for a WM3 rim. If I went for a wider section tyre would it foul the forks/swinging arm?

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Re: New member
« Reply #4 on: 11.12. 2009 17:16 »
Hi Samson,
I dont think you will have too many problems going up a tyre size, the original 3.25 front and 3.50 rear look very skinny compared to more modern bikes, Before anyone screams "what about originality???" your bike has long since been "racerised" so I think it will look sooo much better with a set of nice sticky looking tyres under it!
Measure the gap betwen the fork legs/mudguard stays, I am running a 90/90 x 19 front with no problems
I have a 100/90 x 19 rear again no clearance issues and I rekon theres enough room for a 110/90 rear
Avon roadriders seem to be popular and are getting good reviews, I have a few friends using them on gold stars and such and they are very happy!
Just my opinions again
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Re: New member
« Reply #5 on: 13.12. 2009 23:05 »
Hi Samson
Welcome to the forum Frame Numbers as follows:

1960  GA7-101
1961  GA7-11101

Engine No:
1960 DA10-7081
1961 DA10 - 13201

Look forward to seeing photos if only large lumps.

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