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Re: Tyre choice
« Reply #15 on: 12.01. 2010 15:45 »
Busters motorcycle(website looks just like MandP's hmmm) are doing Avon Venom AM42 for £49+£5 p&p 100/90H if I can save enough pennies.Or Maxxis C926 £36 I asked someone else and they rated these very highly I dunno.Any other opinions please.
   Its worth knowing that  "Busters " charge £5.00 postage for any amount of tyres.Or thy did whenI bought a couple last year. So you may be able to save a few quid if you can buddy up with someone.

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Re: Tyre choice
« Reply #16 on: 18.02. 2010 09:54 »
Holy thread ressurection(sp) I have aquired and fitted my new Pirelli City Demon front tyre looks quite racy/sexy.It seems ok we will see when the weather warms up.

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Re: Tyre choice
« Reply #17 on: 18.02. 2010 15:25 »
A lot of the skinny tire, "passive" riders down here are using the Chen Sing Dunlop copies and apparently they are making them with a much softer compound than the black concrete used when they were first released.

I've had very good results with the Cheng Shin C180's (Dunlop K70 copies) on my A50 and I'm no "passive" rider. I actually found them to be stickier than their dunlop counterparts.  They were even better in the wet than AM 20/21's, though not as sticky in dry conditions.  This is riding year round in temps from the 20's to the 90's.  Yes, as a performance tire (off the track) I like my roadrunners best, but for a commuter, I like my chengs.

I find that most people that malign the chengs have never actually tried them.

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Re: Tyre choice
« Reply #18 on: 18.02. 2010 15:48 »
Like others I don't recommend cheap tyres , period. Life's too short to waste time recovering from accidents.

I agree about SMs - rubbish unless you like scaring yourself. My A10 has them courtesy of previous owner and they're coming off before it goes on the road this year.
Don't let them put you off Avon though. I'm going for AM26 Roadriders as I already have them on the Lav 750 which is much heavier (and more powerful) than the A10 and they're excellent..

Tried Metzlers, they didn't last long..

The old Velo has Avon Super Venoms & that handles better than anything with a frame designed that long ago has any right to!! Some people don't like the look of the modern profile but that's their problem.

Just another tyre opinion - you'll get loads of different views on this one....

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